Vijaylaxmi Engineering Blog Latest Products Wed, 27 Sep 2023 06:23:57 +0530 en-us Pointers To Buying Quality Tractor Disc Plough Sat, 30 Jan 2021 09:59:08 +0530 Tractor Disc ploughs are widely used in an area that is root-infested, hard soils for deep ploughing in farming. The tractor disc plough helps with deep ploughing that combines weeds and crop remains to prevent soil erosion. This ideal farming equipment is also best suited for areas that receive heavy rainfall resulting in soil erosion through wind and rain. The soil structure can be recreated with the use of a tractor disc plough, and it becomes easy to handle the soil. The tractor disc plough is utilized at the initial stage of the cultivation process as aids to prepare the soil for sowing purposes. The tractor disc consists of several attachments to cut through the topmost layer of the soil making it porous for easy planting. Listed below are tips for buying quality tractor disc plough online or from a supplier. Certified Supplier When buying a tractor disc plough from a supplier online, the quality of the tractor disc plough is an important factor to consider. By opting for a certified manufacturer, you can eliminate the chances of a low-quality product. A renowned manufacturer will provide you with a quality product, fair price along with added proposition. Tractor Disc Plough Manufacturer in Nagpur is well-known for providing an excellent quality product at an affordable price to its customers. Strong And Robust Frame A good quality tractor disc plough will have a strong and robust frame produced from quality raw material for durability. Tractor disc ploughs are available in different materials and frame types online, which you can choose as per your farming requirements. Several Tractor Disc Plough Suppliers provide various brands of Tractor Disc Plough to their customers. Various Disc Type, Diameter And Number Tractor Disc Ploughs are available in notched and plain type. You can opt for a vendor or supplier that offers different disc types, and discs can be an added advantage. Depending on the soil type of your region, you can buy the number of discs required for farming purposes. You can choose from the different diameters of disc available at the vendor by browsing through the product specification. Requires Less Maintenance When buying Tractor Disc Plough for farming purposes, maintenance is the last thing that you want to worry about. Therefore you must choose a reliable Tractor Disc Plough that requires minimum maintenance and can last longer to ensure that you get the value-added product. Some suppliers offer wholesale Tractor Disc Ploughs that are efficient and cost-effective to their customers at a budgeted- price. Price Tractor Disc Ploughs are available in various types from mounted, automatic, auto reversible, etc, online. Depending on the Tractor Disc Plough type and brands of Tractor Disc plough the prices can vary. You can compare the price of different tractor Disc Ploughs online on various websites with similar product specifications and type to get a precise understanding of the product and services on offer and choose the Tractor Disc Plough that best suits your needs. Tractor Disc Ploughs are available in diverse specifications and prices; however, you should choose a Tractor Disc Plough that delivers on functionality, precise design, and robust structure. Choose a company or a brand of Tractor Disc Plough that is user friendly and easy to install. It will help you save money as you will not require a professional to help you to install the Tractor Disc Plough on your tractor. The proper storage of Tractor Disc Plough is essential for longer shelf life. You must wash the disc after use and replace the worn-out parts such as bolts and nuts. You can also apply a layer of oil on tractor disc plough for rust prevention and enhancing its life. Apart from this, the quality of lubricant can also play a vital part in Tractor Disc Plough's shelf life, therefore, make sure to use high-quality lubricant for tractors. To ensure smooth operation of tractor disc plough you can also refer to the product manual. Agricultural Plough in Nagpur – Making the Farming Easy and Convenient Fri, 02 Apr 2021 19:16:30 +0530 The equipment which is used in farming turns the jobs linked with farming easier and the operation highly productive. The tools are known as Tractors, Combines, and Hay Equipment among others. The Agriculture machinery and tools suppliers give many listings for tools utilized in cattle ranching, agricultural farming, dairy, and poultry among others. Starting from the planting through harvesting the farm deals have the right tool that a farmer needs. No matter, the buyers are looking for new or even used agricultural plough in Nagar offered by the top manufacturers; you can discover the listing.   Needs Top of all, you have to confirm that you understand what the basic requirements are. One can look ahead with the best level of affordability, significant features you need, the right size that will surely complement the requirements, the level of dependability that you require, and the friendliness in the middle of the new and old tools, no matter the advanced equipment is multifunctional and can be utilized in various ideas as well.   Where can you buy Agricultural Plough in Nagpur At Best Price? The buyers can quickly buy new agricultural machinery at the confined agricultural dealerships, directly from the manufacturer. Moreover, there are lots of online sellers who are also available to offer the latest product at the best price. If the farmers have shopped the tools, they must understand a couple of things about how the tools job or how they must be kept. Apart from that, there are important safety measures that are required to follow up as per the strict instructions. However, before placing an order for the agricultural plough in Nagpur, you should make sure about the reliability of the manufacturer. Fraud suppliers can take away your money and give you a wrong and ill-manufactured product. It is better to discuss with friends the best brand and product. If you are buying the products online, it is better to read the testimonials shared by past buyers.   Safety Clothing – It is important for the farmers to confirm that they have the right farming outfits. It is helpful in keeping the farmer on the safe side as the clothes will defend them from getting caught in the middle of the heavy machines. It is important to wear leather gloves and the right shoes. One can even wear the goggles as they will assist you to defend the eyes from smoke and flames.   Check the Tool before use: It is quite important to check the tool before usage or application. In the way, if there is any difficulty with the tools, you will recognize what to fix first or how to keep them. It is one of the best means to defend the tool and keeps it safe for a longer time period. No doubt, the population of the country is increasing day by day and the demand for food and organic products is equally increasing. The farmers as well as the farm landowners need to give the best work to produce more products so that they convene the higher demands. In the last few years, technology has opened up the way and changed the method where agricultural activities are carried out. There are various kinds of farm and agricultural machines that can now be utilized by the farmers.   However, they are costly enough; they can easily help in boosting the efficiencies and increasing production.   With the best quality and special kinds of farm and agricultural machinery, farmers have been able to create a better quantity of products at a quite affordable price. Agricultural Plough Manufacturer is offering the best quality machines that are proved to be a great boon for the farmers. In some areas, farmers may also be able to safe bank loans to purchase such tools. It is better to search a good manufacturer online offering the product at the best price. How To Choose The Right Tractor Trailers? Fri, 25 Jun 2021 18:34:04 +0530 With so many available trailer models and brands to choose from, selecting the best trailer can seem challenging. But a little knowledge about the key issues to look for can greatly simplify the selection process and help steer you to the protection that will best fit your needs.   Following are some of the points that you should keep in mind while choosing the right tractor trailer. Construction How a trailer is built goes far in determining how long it will last and whether it is appropriate for your needs. Here are some features to look for on the trailer itself, in the literature or by asking the sales person: Integrated Systems Approach: Look for a trailer brand that uses an integrated systems approach, one in which the right parts are smartly combined so everything works together to ensure optimal performance. This approach is superior to trailers assembled from a random collection of parts.   Frame: The frame supports your entire trailer and is usually built from C-channel, I-beam, tubular or L-shapes aluminium or steel. Usually, the more metal in the frame, the stronger it will be. So a tube will be stronger than a C-channel that will be stronger than an L-beam.   Make sure the frame is sturdy enough for the cargo you plan to transport. Also, find out if the cross-members are positioned at the correct intervals to support your load. Heavier loads usually need closer cross-members. Walls: Depending on how you plan to use your trailer, wall construction should be a deciding factor in which trailer you choose. Check to see if the walls are insulated, an important factor for some cargo trailers.   Safety Features: Check if the trailer has the feature to keep your cargo safe and secure. These features include E-tracks, D-loops or other devices for securing the load. Find out if wiring runs through rubber grommets in the walls and or roof to reduce wear and the likelihood of short circuits. Check if the locks and hinges are attached with tamper resistance hardware. Suspension The smoother the suspension, the better it protects your trailer, your cargo and the tow vehicle from excessive shock. A smooth suspension also gives a more comfortable towing experience. It is advisable to buy a trailer with a high-performance suspension if you plan to tow often, transport heavy loads, tow as part of your business or carry valuable cargo.Leaf springs are the traditional suspension systems. These are widely used in trailers and vehicles of all sizes, including semi trailers and trucks. While less expensive than most other types of suspension, leaf springs give a bounces ride. Plus, metal to metal, interleaf friction results in faster and noise wear. These features can impact the handling, especially on sharp corners and when the trailers are not fully loaded. Rubber torsion suspensions offer a better ride than leaf springs. Torsion suspension cushion bumps and rough spots better and with less bouncing than leaf springs. Unlike leaf springs that are connected by an axle, rubber torsion is not transferred to the other. This provides a significantly smoother ride for the cargo, trailer, driver and tow vehicles. Warranty An important consideration in buying a trailer is the assurance that you have a warranty to cover over the long term. So beyond the trailer and the purchase price, look for a warranty that covers the trailer's frame and key components. Also, note the length of the warranty period. A three-year warranty shows the manufacturer has confidence in the quality of the trailer.Adding to this, you should also consider looking for a warranty from the manufacturer with dealers across North America. That way, you can receive support if you move to a new location or need assistance while travelling far from home. You are well-advised to buy from a reputable manufacturer, one who has been in the business for a long time has a nationwide dealer network and has satisfied a large customer base. Brand Reputation The largest trailer brands sell more trailers for a reason, brand reputation. Is the brand you are considering known for quality and customer satisfaction? Does the company honour its warranty claims? Are the dealers reputable? These are key reasons you might wish to consider a trailer from the best manufacturer. We beat the competition by delivering a high standard of manufacturing, quality, service, support and customer satisfaction. Financial And Stability Strength With so many brands of trailers to choose from, it is preferable to buy a trailer from the company you know will be around to support you in the long term. That is why you should consider buying a trailer from a reliable and trusted company. Keep these points in mind and deal with the best tractor trailer manufacturers in the country. How Should We Use Cement Mixers? Mon, 13 Sep 2021 21:40:20 +0530 Most of the construction tools are straightforward for understanding. Cranes lift things in up & down, dumpers load and unload the equipment. Graders do grade and bulldozers push. We do complex works with easy working tools in construction projects.But the single exception in construction equipment is cement mixers as most of us misinterpret it. There had been many models till the 19th century while the new transit model has been the real story in the 20th century. The mixer is anytime needed for project work. The main story begins here when people do not differentiate between concrete mixers and cement mixers. Concrete mixers are huge, and it is mainly used for the multitasking purpose. We need to take care of its roles, dynamic properties, changing or replacing of material, etc. Here, you will have some brief knowledge about real-time transit mixers, volumetric mixers, etc. Why do you need the complex combination of old & new tools here? You cannot see Hydraulic Concrete Mixers as a one-way tool.Difference Between Concrete & Cement: Let us discuss the minor differences between concrete and cement. We may have some examples of baking food where the raw material like flour refers to the cement and baked product like loaf refers to the concrete. Hence concrete is the product of cement. Modern cement consists of fine particles, minerals sometimes referred to as ‘Portland’. Concrete is the blending of a little amount of sand, cement, and water so that we get the aggregate product to use in making slabs, construction structures, etc. The advent of Concrete Mixers: Today we can see the drum-like structure in any project site. Mobile hydraulic mixers are today’s fashion to bear the load and do the needful for any urgent operation. We can see huge mixing loads to finish the specific project tasks on time. It creates the motion using the blades inside the drum and then blends cement and water to produce the aggregate. Sometimes, we need premixed concrete for setting or fixing operations in roadside, parking lots, or other emergency public places. Hydraulic Concrete Mixers Manufacturer advises keeping a certain interval of one to two hours between blending and pouring the mixer. It even shows fast reaction and better construction when you may do this in lesser time. After recent changes in technology, you can see some practical modifications as per the current user experiences. There are other drums as well that are not for mobile users rather than pouring the mix in a place. Many mixers need separate tanks in the truck for easy operations. Water must be added there for initiating the fresh and flexible operations in the drum. It is often termed as the batch delivery of the concrete. Although we need workhorse-like concrete mixers, there are some advancements to fix it only in the project site operation. You may see metered and volumetric mixers as common examples to proceed with any on-site urgent operations. Nowadays there are separate containers for water and cement in one truck and mix them using a computer button as well as the pump. Hence, the customer may go for personalising choice for specific mixing. These are also useful in high-profile construction while pairing with some pumper trucks to do all the deliverables for huge buildings. Truck Load Bearing Capacity: There are tonnes of weight in the concrete mixing phenomenon. Hence, you may observe the trucks. We need tough and powerful trucks to haul this operation with safety measures. Trucks will have separate parts for frame, engine, and mixer. The mixer is added at the later phase just to consider the easy operation. Each construction company has its working principles to go with a specific type of truck. Some may consider lighter drums and heavier trucks for external operation on any site. 300 horsepower or above is required while working with truck engines. Some companies even prefer more power to generate heavy mixing as per the application demand. Diesel engines are therefore preferable for their high power, heavy loading, low speed, and reliable applications. You can easily hire these engines with little routine maintenance. It is better than gas engines for generating a heavy compression ratio and more power. This mechanical power is then converted into torque. New trucks are equipped with air brakes for steering the operation very well. Hence, you get a fair idea about the working principles and inner features of concrete mixers. For getting reviews and studies on this machine, you will get a lot more articles.